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Code of Conduct & Player Agreement



1. Play by and adhere to the rules.
Deliberate cheating will not be accepted.


2. Value safety, fair play and the welfare of all participants above competitive advantage.
All players and officials must give priority to the wellbeing of all participants, over and above the outcome of the game.


3. Accept the authority of match officials.
The decisions of umpires, referees and match officials are final. All officials are to be treated with respect. Arguing with or criticizing match officials during a game, or constant questioning of decisions is not acceptable.


4. Do not use abusive language.
The following are not acceptable:


  • Use of foul or insulting language towards match officials, other players or spectators (including but not restricted to: racist, sexist or other insults).
  • “Sledging”, or any form of denigrating, sarcastic or insulting comments about the ability of players or officials.   Any comments deemed to be intended to unsettle or intimidate players or officials.
  • Insulting or offensive gestures
  • Persistent use of audible foul language in any context.


5. Control your temper.
The following are not acceptable:


  • Dangerous or overly aggressive play.
  • Fighting.
  • Intimidation or threats towards other players, officials or spectators.


6. Play Sober.
Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs must not enter the playing area.


7. Play for enjoyment.
Keep in mind that you are playing for enjoyment, as are others – your actions should not interfere with the enjoyment of others.


In registering to play in any Scoreline Sports event or fixture competition, you are agreeing to abide by this Code of Conduct. Match officials will be instructed to take action against any participant that breaches this Code.    Further action may be taken by management, which may include expulsion from the competition.


1. I warrant that I am in a state of health and fitness to the levels required to compete in this sporting competition, and have no reason to expect any medical complications arising from my participation.
2. In case of injury, accident or illness, I authorise representatives of Scoreline Sports to obtain medical assistance for me , and I agree to pay any costs incurred as a result.
3. I hereby grant Scoreline Sports the right to use any picture or likeness of me recorded during the competition, for promotional purposes.
4. I agree to play in a fair and sporting manner, in accordance with the Scoreline Sports Code of Conduct.    I accept that I may be sanctioned if I breach this code.
5. I understand the risks of the activity, and agree to play at my own risk