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Player accident insurance is included for registered players in all Scoreline Sports competitions.


  • You must report the incident when it happens. Notify an official at the venue, and follow up with an email to Scoreline Sports.  Claims for incidents that have not been reported may not be processed.
  • Make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible.   You must have seen a doctor in order to make a claim.
  • Your claim must be lodged with the insurer within 30 days of the incident, or it cannot be processed. Lodge your claim asap; don’t wait for receipts as these can be sent later.
  • To make a claim, contact Scoreline Sports for a claim form.

Below is a guide to what is covered by the insurance.  Please note this is a guide only.   For detailed and accurate information you need to contact the insurer.

  • Capital Benefits $50,000
  • Modification Expenses $10,000
  • Funeral Expenses $5,000
  • Loss of earnings up to $250/week x 52 weeks
  • Student help: up to $250/week x 52 weeks
  • Home help: up to $250 /week x 52 weeks
  • Parents allowance: $25/day (max $1500)
  • Dependants allowance: up to $500
  • Medical & dental : 85% (max $1500)
  • Ancillary non-medical: max $1500
  • Rehab (tuition): max $3000
  • Rehab (gym): max $500