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New Season of Volleyball coming soon!

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Players are required to wear non-marking sports shoes. Teams should have matching shirts/tops for all their players.

Mixed Rules

We operate by these rules for our mixed comp.    Normal volleyball rules will apply unless superseded by these rules.

  • Teams: 6-a-side (plus subs if you wish).  Team composed of Max 4, Min 1 of either gender on court.   A team must have at least 3 players to start the game.
  • There is no “Libero” player in this competition.
  • Match: Played within a 45 minute time frame.  best of 3 games.  Each game is first to 25, but the referee has the power to reduce the last game if necessary.  Teams will be advised prior to the game if it has been reduced.
  • No jump serves allowed.
  • Rotation: When a team wins a point and the serve, they rotate positions.  The rotation must be in a clockwise direction.
  • A player can only have 6 serves in a row.  If the team still has the serve after 6 serves, they must rotate positions so a new server from that team can take over.   (If a team is short of players the number of serves is reduced – ie for team of 5 each player is limited to 5 serves in a row)

We may add to or modify these rules as required.  Teams will be notified of any updates.