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Tips for organising a Futsal Team

Getting a bunch of people together to play regular sport can be tricky, but if you follow these simple steps, your season will go smoothly.

Tips for Organising a Futsal Team

1. Get a commitment from your players:

Get their share of the season fees up front.    If a player has to leave mid-season, get a part payment from the replacement player and pass it on to the departing player.

2. Make sure they know the game time:  You may  email game times to players each week, but as a back-up, also email them the link to the website, so they can check for themselves

3.. Make sure you have a team each week:  Email your team a couple of days in advance each week to make sure they are coming.   You don’t want a forfeit fee, so follow up each week!

4. Let them know about equipment regulations:   Make sure your new players know that they are required to wear shinguards, long socks and non-marking shoes.   This will help avoid any problems on match night.

5. Fill your new players in on the rules: Once you yourself are aware of the rules that are specific to Scoreline Sports leagues, make sure you tell your new players about them.    New players enter the comp all the time, and the refs can’t go through the rules with every one of them.   To avoid problems for everyone, tell them about the important rules.

6. Let them know about the Code of Conduct:  Forward the link to your players for the Scoreline Sports Code of Conduct.    This way players will be in no doubt about what is expected of them in terms of behaviour, and it will avoid problems later on.

7. Organise your uniforms:  Keeping a full set of uniforms available can be a problem.    It is recommended that you purchase from a reliable supplier where you know you can get more of the same shirt later on if you need extras.     Specialist onine suppliers tend to have more reliable stocks than retail shops.   Some of our teams have had good experiences with Soccer Shirts Online overseas site) or Veto Sports (Brisbane-based company).    Get some spares in case you need them at short notice!

8. Have Fun!   Futsal is supposed to be fun – get together with your team for a drink or a meal after the game.  Make sure they enjoy being a part of the team regardless of results.